It might be hot but is it real?

A guy suddenly out of frame during what is supposedly going to end up the gewy mess of a bukkake scene might as much be simply spraying Piña Colada mix across the supplicant porn actresses’ chest and mouth as he could his actual come. Girls seeming aching for a hard and heavy double penetration scene might have lubed copiously prior to the scene more so then their moans and maneuvers would have us believe they were aroused to do so themselves. Men who seem as comfortable with homosexual sex as they do hetero might indeed be exclusively one or the other off camera.

Where is the truth in adult video if there is any truth at all?

Not accounting for drug use and knocking back a few cocktails before a scene, there are certainly some porn stars that love what they do, are so perverse and so out and out horny that they don’t need to fake anything when they fuck on film. But we have all heard tell of fluffers on a set that, women hired to do nothing more then fellatiate guys back to erection and the amount of douches, lube and other aids on any porn movie shoot is legendary, so much so it makes one wonder what of what we are seeing is arousing to the people acting on what we are seeing.

An adult video is a movie after all, people are acting. In very few cases are men and women who are actually boyfriend and girlfriends, or married couples, actually the ones having sex on film. And in very few cases do the audiences who watch adult video even care how much, if any of it, is real, in the sense that the actors and actresses are even getting-off all that much. For adult video the devil is in the design, and if all things are lit right, sound good and penetration is made often, hard and true, most adult video watchers will be perfectly happy with the unreality of the reality.

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