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When it comes to kinky life, there seem to be two camps. The kinksters insist that they have wilder, hotter and better times than those who practice kink free sex, who they often refer to by the scornful term of vanillas. Meanwhile those same vanillas look at the kinksters and think what horrible pervs! How can anyone do such things and still respect themselves, much less their lovers who want to take part in it too? Is this true and never the twain shall meet? Or is the truth a little more nuanced? Is anyone really vanilla?

As human sexuality becomes more free and less restricted by our culture’s old outdated religious values, we seem to be liberating the natural human need for kinkiness. Once upon a time, one had to go looking for even simple kink toys like fuzzy handcuffs, now they are sold every Valentine’s Day in convenience stores even. One used to have to go looking for porn too, hiding purloined magazines under mattresses or stashing them in the woods. Now scientists trying to study the consumption of free porn movies have come upon a terrible challenge — if they want to study the effects of pornography on humanity, it has become impossible to find a control group. In other words, even scientists can’t find people who don’t look at sex videos!

Talk to a person long enough about sex and one will start to realize they are not so normal. Talk to many people and write about sex for a living and one realizes that everyone is so diverse there simply can not be a normal. Otherwise unassuming women and men one meets reveal that they have crazy fetishes or want all kinds of outre things done to them in the bedroom. Maybe the divisions between vanilla and pervert are not so cut and dried, at least when we embrace this side of ourselves.

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