Crashing in Adult Video

Though we do like our visual stimulation there does come times in every porn devotees’ life when he or she has had enough…at least for the time being. Especially these days when we can view our porn from digital download as much as we can from an actual tape of DVD or adult video we really do owe ourselves sa break from all the fantasy sex scenes and bleached assholes of porn stars, take a deep breath of fresh air and maybe meet our significant other in bed with no preconceived notions of bukkate scenes or big dick orgies and simply have a good common sex life.

Too much of anything, even sex, is too much. We need to recharge our batteries by not running them down in a sex toy, we need to relax into the ebb and flow of normal existence not predicated on how much adult video we can watch, how much dirty picture texting we can manage, how much we might be hiding in our room masturbating to cam girls. We will pretty much crash and burn if we keep at all this visual stimulation and grow desensitized to all of it well before we even realize we are.

It’s not so much a porn addiction we might court-and certainly some people do get addicted to adult video watching-as we get mired in any diversion after a while. If that diversion is connected to our libido the harder it is to stop, but really we are creatures that live to scratch at an itch well beyond the time we have sufficiently scratched it. But like mercury filling a vessel we are at a point now with our technology that we can have what we want when we want it. We can indeed feed our need for visual stimulus not only at every turn but for free in most cases and we are not learning limits from adult video at all but rather ways to find more of it. We do not realize we are gorging and simply allow ourselves to get fatter because we have the appetite to and the unlimited supply.

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