Sex and the Roman Frontier

When Roman soldiers stationed at the frontiers hungered for Sex they obviously sought it from among the local women. These casual Sex flings sometimes became more regular and thence into real committed relationships. Men married among the locals and this was thought to be an excellent way of both providing the men with pussy for their hungry cocks but also a means of bringing the locals into the Roman fold. They would in essence be bred out.

The Roman culture and customs would overtake those of the locals and breed out the German or Gaul in them. Eventually everyone would be Roman. This was naturally thought to be the case however it didn’t always turn out this way and by the time of the collapse of the Roman Empire these frontier troops often blended in with the locals and took up their customs and culture. As things went these troops were eventually left to their own devices and simply walked off the wall to live among their people, for they weren’t Roman any more except in name. What had happened was that the Roman infrastructure collapsed under the weight of corruption and inefficiency and other ailments common to a dying empire. The government was unable to pay it’s soldiers and as any soldier would, they left.

It was a very anti climatic ending to a very auspicious beginning. Many great battles were fought at these places between Roman and barbarian but in the end with a few willing sexual partners and a loss of pay they all blended into one and the Roman empire disappeared into the mists of time forever. Most of your soldiers lent their names to their children but eventually even these faded away until there wasn’t a trace left among the people themselves. These then went back to being what they had always been, which were Gauls and Germans and a host of others.

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