Sex and fighter pilots

One typically thinks of fighter pilots as possessing a great deal of Sex appeal and they do to some extent. In the real world of things however it can be quite the opposite of what the modern myths tell you. People think pilots are risky fly by the seat of your pants kind of rebels. The truth may be very different. They are calculating and shrewd and very organized. It requires a great deal of mathematical knowledge and know how and math is one thing that doesn’t exactly garner the term Sex appeal. There are various other requirements that people might not be commonly aware of such as the ability to withstand a lot of pressure since the plane often takes on a lot of gravitational pull when it’s going it’s speed.

A pilot has to know how to keep from blacking out and needs to know how to keep their wits about them. Interestingly enough there are fewer pilots in the air force than there are in the Navy. In the United States military for instance the Navy leads the services in the number of fighter pilots it fields. The air force has many bombers and other different types of aircraft but for fighter pilots the actual majority belongs to the Navy and to a lesser extent the Marine Corps as well. There are more helicopter pilots in the Army than any other service too. Another interesting fact is that the Coast guard deploys all over the world and fields a lot of helicopters too. So the truth is that there are many things that may be at odds with what most people commonly think of when they think of fighter pilots. They may not all be great at getting pussy or playing the dating game. They are as individual as other people are and so stereotypes do not always go far. There are also far fewer pilots than people think of compared to those who work around and service the planes.

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