Throughout our history as human beings, there has always been a great deal of controversy surrounding the subjects of sex, Porn and adult entertainment. Some people have always loved watching it and enjoying it, and some other people have always been shocked, horrified and up in arms about it. It seems to just be the way of the world.

The great debate about sex and pornography probably started as far back as the very first moment when people realized the amazing way that their bodies could fit together, and how good that could feel. We can imagine that the cavemen were able to figure it out and have some sex, as civilization obviously was continued. We know that the Romans were no strangers to sex, and also no strangers to hot, kinky, crazy sex at that. There are all sorts of account of Roman orgies and sex parties that verify the fact that the Romans pretty much had it going on.

And it certainly wasn’t just the Romans. Every generation all over the world has had their own sexual style and distinguishing characteristics. Things did tend to get rather uptight and boring during the Victorian era, at least as far as was presented on the surface, but this like all things do, eventually passed. Today we enjoy the freedom of perusing what we like online without having to explain anything to anybody. We can go online and surf the adult sites to our hearts content in the privacy of our very own homes. Of course, there are still people who would like to make porn illegal, which seems about as likely to happen as making sex illegal. People have tried and failed before with alcohol, dancing and a few other wild and wacky ideas that never really stuck much.

So enjoy your porn, enjoy the controversy, and just go on ahead and live your life the way you like.

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