Oral Free Sex Tips for Men

Unfortunately there are very few women who can reach orgasm from simply being penetrated by a cock. This means that as much as men enjoy the easy and free sex of thrusting away at her pussy, and however much she may enjoy it too, to leave her fully satisfied requires a bit more. A man could have the largest most virile cock in the universe and still find himself being left after a time in favor of a man who is good at other things, like the skill of giving oral sex.

Most women love cunnilingus, but it requires a man to learn the right technique. Sadly many of them have been hampered by watching too many sex videos which rarely show realistic cunnilingus. The man dips between her legs once, makes a big show of sticking his tongue out and waggling his head back and forth, and while she makes a few whimpering sounds. This is not how it really works. First off, enthusiasm counts for a lot. A man who really wants to get down there and get his face wet doing what it takes, as long as it takes to get her off is going to succeed faster, because she can tell the difference between a man who is doing it reluctantly and one who is getting turned on by her every moan and whimper.

Some men also worry because the men in most porno films stay hard constantly, always sporting rock hard erections. But many men will go partially or fully flaccid while focusing on other things like going down on her. Just because it is not causing a very active erection does not mean that it is not being enjoyed, or will not lead to an easy erection once the focus on his cock returns. Indeed, a face full of girl cum is one of the most potent aphrodisiacs for many men, getting them more than ready to fuck.

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