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It’s a fact that heterosexual men seek porn more than anyone else. Sex videos are made part and parcel for that audience, usually by hetero-men and the business of the sex video, while shifting to online downloading for the most part, is and will always be ruled by the whims and hard-earned cash those hetero guys spend on those sex videos.

Critics have attacked the sex video since the sex video, actually the dirty movie, began to be seen. But critics simply do not understand how powerful a buying public the hetero guy is and how his interest and cash has kept alive an industry that, unlike many others, has actually weathered tough economic times to always come out on top. And even now with the advent of computers and the paradigm of porn changing, porn companies running scared on how they are going to make a profit with all the free downloading, men are still taking to sex videos in one way or another.

And their wives and girlfriends can’t stop them!

If anyone could possibly get a guy away from watching a sex video it would be the woman in his life who has the real life warm, wet and willing goodies in his bed every night. But still guys defer, go to the video tape, roll into the attic office, fire-up the P.C. and have a wank over a scene or star they have come to know will get them off in a moment’s notice and with no nagging to put out the garbage later or problem getting her off!

And that is the route of why guys take to sex videos and will continue to no matter what attractive alternative is possibly presented them. There is no negative in a sex video, there is no chatter of subjects and complaints a guy doesn’t want to hear and there is no one else to consider for a guy to get off.

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