Less Real Sex

We substitute porn for real intimacies. In many instances we replace our need for actual sex with just the promise of it in our online interactions. We spend lots of time texting, looking at dirty pics and talking about sex, but how much of any of it is any of us really getting these days?

Not that anyone of us would admit to liking sex any less these days, and we certainly all need it, but it seems with technology the way that it is, the longer we stay online looking for sex, the more we indulge our imaginations and one hand in chatting, the deeper we delve into this very new and unusual way the world-wide-web allows us to fuck or think about fucking, we ignore sex the way it used to be and now take the easy way out.

And we might actually be having less real sex than ever before.

Single guys and girls, cheating married partners, transgendered, gay, straight, everyone seems to come online looking for sex in one way or another. Romances are begun on dating sites, exes look for one another on Facebook and fetish sites announce parties and munches in the local areas of like-minded kinsters.

But who out of all these people are really having sex? Who of them stay off the net long enough even to get something hot happening?

Naughty camming, chatting and all those flirty emails sailing back and forth are fun diversions, but for the real down-and-dirty of what we’ve come for, are we getting lazy? Are we letting some cybering take the place of a good old-fashioned roll in the hay?

The promise and potential of sex is not sex. It could be entertaining, it could be heart- warming and it could lead to sex, but until it does, sorry to say, none of us are having sex!

We need to sometimes get off the net and out and about, show off some cleavage, get a hand to brush our cock and get on with getting-on, getting on.

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