Fantasies Aren’t Reality

There are probably as many different sexual fantasies as there are people on this earth. Everyone has their own specific interests and things that turn them on. It can be pretty fascinating to find out what other people fantasize about and what kinds of porn they enjoy, although people seldom discuss these things openly.

Even couples who are sex partners or who are in a romantic relationship don’t feel completely comfortable discussing this topic. Sometimes people hesitate to discuss this type of thing because they will occasionally fantasize about things that are much more kinky or extreme that they would never really want to try it in real life, but for some reason it really turns them on. Some people prefer specific types of porn, like Japanese bondage or inter-racial porn and they worry that their significant other may feel uncomfortable or even threatened by the preference. For instance, a Caucasian male who is married to a Caucasian female might hesitate to admit that he fantasizes about Asian women and prefers Asian porn because his wife may feel that he is dissatisfied with her and with their relationship and sex life because she is not of Asian descent. It can be difficult to explain to a partner that what we fantasize about may not be what we want in real life. It may not be a real life preference. We cannot control where our mind goes when we masturbate, but it isn’t always an indication of what we need in our real lives or what we want in a partner.

A lot of heterosexual people will fantasize about sexual encounters with the same gender, even if they aren’t gay or bisexual. It comes from a place of curiosity, but being curious doesn’t change who a person really is or what their orientation really is. It would be wonderful if people could be more open and honest about these things and discuss their feelings openly when it comes to sex, but most societies don’t encourage that.

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