Objects in the rear view mirror are…just objects

We can rationalize a good game being the crafty little mammals we are but the truth of the matter is we like our free sex videos; the freer the better the more we will want of them. It’s impossible to deny our sexual appetites and though critics can yell about fire and damnation all they want, most adults enjoy a sex movie from time to time and are not going our raping anyone from watching them.

But watching porn is not therapy, it’s not a sex aid, it’s not much more then what it is…some sex we are watching beautiful people have that we wish we had the skills and body for. We don’t really need to elevate the free sex video we have downloaded or the one we go to time and again to masturbate to. It’s perfectly fine to like what we like, even if it might be a little kinky, has a hint of fetish to it, or occasionally we enjoy a movie that exclusively features a gender we are not specifically attracted to.

Where we run some certain damage to our reputations or our self esteem is denying our interests as much as yawping loudly about it. It always ends up a case of protesting just a little too much and coming across as a hypocrite when most times everyone just wants you to be as quiet as they are about their more prurient interests.

Free sex videos are simply videos about sex we get a hold of for no price and we enjoy both the video and the fact that we got it free.

Sometimes there is no more of a reason for taking to something other than the fact that we…take to it. In most instances we don’t even want to know why we have that fetish or kink, let alone have to rationalize it to ourselves and why we might be gravitating to a certain sex video over another. Why can’t things-even free sex videos-just be what they are…fun, alluring, arousing, and nothing more or less?

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