The Farther Out, The Better

Some people do take to amateur porn, especially in this day and age where there is so much of it on the web. Some couples do not need nor do they ever peruse dirty moves, instead relying on their own crafty ideas and yet still other lovers would never entertain anything but vanilla sexcapades in the bedroom and lead very fulfilling sex lives.

But there are certainly plenty of people who love porn. People who bolster the sex they have from the positions and techniques they watch in sex videos and who always want to attempt to recreate what they see. And although a lot of dirty movie watching is certainly for emulation, and though lots of people do want to try what they see on film, most porn watchers like their movies to be as far out and far from their own experience as possible.

It’s no mystery why we like the extremes in our porn. Since we inherently watch porn because it is fantasy, we want that fantasy to be as fantastical as possible. Seeing actors and actresses that look very much like us is no real turn on, we want to delve deep into fantasy when we watch sex videos so therefore we need the fantasy of big breasted woman with bleached anuses sporting what seem like insatiable sexual appetites being plowed asunder by men sporting massive erections that never seem to go limp. We want the wild locations of beaches and mountains or well-dressed movie sets and we want the unending parade of bodies doing the most difficult physical task.

The more outrageous sex videos are the better. Who wants to spend time watching sex like we are doing? Porn gives us an excuse to get aroused as we get away mentally, why would we want it close to our reality? The farther out & more extreme porn is the better it is for us the viewer and the more we can separate our real sex life with one we see on film.

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