If It is Free is It Good?

It used to be a rule of thumb that you got what you paid for. If a product or service cost less than it was generally of a lesser quality then some product or service you paid more for. This was true with porn as well. We all knew the better tapes or DVD’s cost a little more, but the actors and actresses involved, even the production quality was always going to be better. Critics of course argue that higher quality in porn is not really ever noticed by men and women who are watching stuff just to get aroused, but from connoisseur to even first time watcher, the price one paid for porn made a difference one could notice in the porn.

These days though free porn is often times just as good as porn we pay for, generally because a lot of stuff we get for free is pirated right from stuff we normally would have had to pay for. And while audiences understand that this is a form of stealing, how many of us can say with no guilt that we have never looked at a pirated few scenes from a dirty movie? Porn producers are running scared over this trend but it’s not something they can much stop…and they are trying.

There is other free porn to, but that does belie a lesser quality. Amateur stuff placed on the web by aspiring porn couples or just exhibitionists litter the web for just a quick mouse click and to feed some voyeurism. But this free stuff is of a lesser quality and in this case the price we don’t pay for the porn shows!

Free downloads might kill the porn industry in the end, they have already taken quite a big bite out of the way movie producers do business, but these days free porn doesn’t necessarily mean porn of a lesser quality and people will always take to not having to pay for something of they can.

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