The Plot Thickens

Over the many years that people have been making and enjoying Porn movies, the plots have always been somewhat interesting, even if somewhat predictable in nature. Even still, porno movies have been a huge fan favorite from the time of the films played on a projector, to the many free options that we have for adult entertainment right at our disposal on the world wide web at this very moment.

We have all seen or heard of the old stag films played on the old projectors in the paneled basements all over the country in the 1960’s and 1970’s. There would usually be a flimsy plot to frame the sex, maybe a plumber arriving for a job to find a scantily clad and horny housewife, or a handyman who was very handy with the lady of the house who desperately needed a few things fixed by a big strong man.

These were sort of the innocent sort of porn plots that were wrapped around the vanilla sex that we always enjoyed watching so very much. The hot pizza delivery man and his pepperoni, the mailman making his appointed rounds on a regular basis, and the businessman who could just not resist his hot and horny secretary as she passed his desk.

As things progressed, we were able to watch scenes of kinky fun and threesomes, foursomes, and orgies. Today there is no kind of adult content that we can dream of that can not be found quickly and easily on the Internet. If we want to find something with a good story included, we can do that. If we want to simply find hardcore sex with no frills, we can easily do that too. The world wide web has anything and everything that we can possibly think of and everything that we need when it comes to satisfying our desires for online porn and adult entertainment.

Technology is swell, isn’t it?

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