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It’s a simple equation that on the many sex sites, dating portals and social networks alive these days on the web there is free sex a’happening so more and more people are having…free sex. If it is available mostly we’ll take to it, especially if it is for free and with the net allowing access, speed and a healthy amount of anonymity, why wouldn’t single people and cheating marrieds alike, get as much free sex as they could?

Whole populations of men and women are logging-on to the net with the expressed purpose to get laid, to find no strings attached sex, to flirt, cam, chat and masturbate. The more success we see from these pursuits the more we will take to them. It seems ludicrous to stop such a good thing happening if we can make it happen for us quickly and with a modicum of drama. It seems quite possible that the net allows for a more permissive attitude towards our adult sexual interactions and might in fact be changing mores from the pursuit of long-term relationships to ones of a more casual nature. It is possible that online dating and social media is more about free sex than anything else. It is possible we kid ourselves that Facebook is about maintaining friendships and tweeting is just about keeping-up with our friend’s lives as they happen.

Of course there are plenty of sites that advertise soul-mate matches and plenty of people spending copious amounts to join those sites but the more men and women have access to the possibility of such a great amount of free sex, even that possibility will keep the websites, the idea of, the entire industry of free sex alive online.

The pursuit might cost us in time and attention, but most of us will regard this sex still as free and do everything in our power to get it. The more free sex we have the more we tend to want.

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