All About The Shoes

Beginning in this century, women have gone through a struggle to create more freedom and choice for themselves equal to what men have. Along the way this movement has gone through many waves where at the beginning women had to struggle to remove themselves from what was in many ways slavery. Seen through the eyes of those people even free sex given by a willing woman was an unbalanced act because how little choice she had in the society of the times. In this light, many aspects of women’s fashion were seen as similar to slave collars, including them the mandatory wearing of bras and the important placed on high heeled shoes, which were often compared to the mutilation of Chinese foot binding.

But as women grew more free things came around full circle, and now able to choose more in life they are also able to choose the things that used to be oppressive and make them their own. And the love of expensive high heeled or otherwise fancy shoes has never gone away. Men love how they look on women, and women love how they look on themselves and how they make them feel. For some it is a look of confidence and empowerment, able to take on anyone. And where would most sex workers or porn stars be without some fantastic fuck me heels? In reality any woman can embrace the delightful lustiness they create.

Why are these pedal accessories so common in both bedrooms and porn? They highlight the look of the feet, an appendage that many men and women find it erotic to have attention lavished on. Many have open toes, showing off those delicate digits as well. Not only do they highlight the muscles of the legs, but they also hold the feet in the position of many women during sex or orgasm, with toes pointed downwards, arches curved. They also make excellent handles in the bedroom.

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