Naughty Pictures

Thanks to smart phones we all have a camera in our hands. These days many people are using them to make their own naughty home movies. We also use them to take dirty pictures to text from our phones to those of a lover, brightening their day with something a little amusing. But what about the use of sexy photos as their own entertainment? Can we enjoy a photo shoot as its own pleasure as much as we might making a sex tape?

Exhibitionistic sex is a favorite of many people who enjoy getting it on together. We imagine that others are watching us sometimes when we fuck, so we seek to make it a reality. But a photo set can be a way to entice in ways we had not considered properly before. We get to choose all the elements of the session, from costumes to lighting and locations. We can arrange things just right rather than how they look in the heat of the moment. Making dirty pictures can be about photographing an exhibitionistic and free sex act in progress but it can also be used to entice others, to show off, or as a memory for one’s old age of what it was like to be young and beautiful.

It is probably easy to get one’s lover to photograph us posing or even enjoying our own bodies, but it may be that we wish to get someone else to document for us. This can be good for multiple reasons — it frees up both halves of a couple to enjoy each other without worrying about who holds the camera. If only one is present then it means the photos can be an exciting surprise later. Also, seeing through the eyes of another person will create new sexy angles and a spicy new viewpoint on one and one’s sex life. This is the best thing about it.

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