Electric Sex

When two lovers meet and they are getting hot and horny for each other, often one can be heard to say that there is electricity in the air. When they finally kiss, they might saw that sparks flew. In some cases though, these metaphors can become more literal due to the addition of actual electricity into modern kinky sex practices. Like the vibrator, some of the first electro stimulation devices were sold as bogus health cures for the rosy glow they put in post orgasmic cheeks. Eventually the truth came out. In modern day kinky sex practices, including the BDSM scene, the use of electricity is an exciting one for free sex adventurers.

The most common sexual kink toy to use electricity is called a violet wand. This wicked and expensive implement is designed to harness static electricity and strengthen it to new heights. Various objects can be attached directly to the wand, or a plate can be held which electrifies the holder, who can then touch another person to shock them anywhere, or rub them with metal objects like forks and wheels and even tinsel to make them squirm with dozens of shocks as the current connects. Another common electrostim toy is the TENS unit, which stands for Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulator. This one has a use as a genuine medical device, relieving pain, but can be reused by attaching its electrodes to naughtier places like the genitals, or creating special electrodes in the shape of dildos or other wickedness.

There is some debate about the safety of electrical toys, though they have become more common place in recent years, with prices coming down correspondingly. Though the TENS unit is used safely on many parts of the body for medical reasons many will say never to use electro toys above the waist. They should certainly never be used on anyone with a heart condition, who would be better off staying home and watching a sex tape.

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