Pure Shit

Yoga, Shit and Porn don’t seem like a combination that would entice anyone. But one woman found that out the hard way that they combination is real. While using a porta john a woman started to hear noises. She ran from the bathroom for help. Before authorities could arrive a man covered in human waste ran out of the john. There are porn fetishists of every size and desire. The man, later identified as escort and porn star and adult website owner Skye Oryan.

It would seem that this 30 something male porn star has a taste for extreme sex and that being shit on or peed on while catching a glimpse of a woman’s pussy is a great turn on. As awful as it might sound Fecal play, golden showers and brown showers are fetishes is popular enjoy to have several websites that specialize in this form of sex play. It is not for everyone but it does appeal to a very select few that get aroused by being shit on because they are breaking a cultural taboo.

Some enjoy it for the humiliation factor. Others are turned on smell or sound. Some use it in extreme BDSM play. But those that use it in a life style know that there are safety health hazards to be aware of. Shit contains bacteria and it is important to keep feces away from eyes, nose, mouth, urethra, vagina, anus or open cuts to prevent causing general infections or spreading sexually transmitted infections. If a person uses laxatives on a regular basis, they may create a laxative dependency. Overuse of laxatives may also lead to malnutrition, dehydration, constipation or hemorrhoids. There is no word as to weather or not Skye Oryan used any precautions or even showered afterwards he is being held on bail. There is also a question as to weather or not he had a camera and if so did he take movies and will they show up on his websites or for sale on some pay per view porn site.

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