Mutual Masturbation

any of us encounter mutual masturbation as horny young teenagers just beginning to experiment with their sexual lives, not yet ready for penetration and other forms of fucking but still eager to explore their lusts with each other. As we become more mature and experienced in the bed rooms of our lovers we sometimes lose sight of pleasures like this one. But mutual masturbation can be a valuable part of a grown up’s free sex lives too, a valuable addition to anyone’s fun who is open minded and wants something a little different. Mutual masturbation is great for many reasons, but one that should not be over looked is the safety of it — wanking together or even giving each other simultaneous manual stimulation is very safe, presenting little risk of transmission of germs or sexually transmitted diseases if performed normally, and also presenting essentially zero risk of pregnancy. It is purely an act of intimacy and pleasure, not procreation.

An obvious application for mutual masturbation is when a couple are watching free sex videos or enjoying other forms of porn together. They can lay close together, touching or watching each other, while they masturbate themselves, enjoying how each other moves and the sounds the couple makes along with the sights and sounds of the erotic acts on screen. With a little adjustment of position and hands, the couple can touch each other too and of course manual stimulation is fun in threesomes and for group sex parties too. Even without the addition of sex videos it is still a good time. It lets each lover enjoy their own private fantasies while simultaneously enjoying the erotic company of another. As the two climb in pleasure and arousal, one or the other may choose to proceed to oral sex or fucking, but in many cases the pleasure of hand on cock or cunt will be more than enough.

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