Zombie flicks and Sex

It’s become endemic in zombie and other survival horror stories that characters make foolish and unrealistic decisions. There are characters that decide they want to have Free sex in a dangerous area or they decide to seek shelter in a obviously unsafe place that ends up being more of a trap than a safe haven.

Free sex may be a powerful motivator especially in stressful times and circumstances but it shouldn’t override the basic sense of safety. That’s become the problem with too many horror stories. It is usually the result of a lack plot or thought on the part of the writers. They can’t seem to allow their characters to make realistic rational decisions that you yourself might make in similar situations. For decades these stories have circulated and still so few of them reflect realistic character decisions. This has probably been the biggest and widest complaint among viewers or readers. There’s always a hot chick involved which drives some guy to try and have sex at some point. Now making foolish decisions in hopes of getting laid isn’t uncommon, it certainly is when it involves the potential for being eaten by monsters. One would think even the most small minded dolt would have enough sense of self preservation to try and curb his appetite until safety had been reached first.

The horror story would be so much more enjoyable for people if smarter and more realistic decisions were made, and it’s quite possible the genre would experience a resurgence of popularity if this tact were taken more often. If the characters are being pursued by zombies then they keep moving. They don’t stop and hide in an obviously indefensible house with twenty seven windows they have to board up. They keep their butts moving until they can find a common sense spot affording real protection. Finally, they don’t trip every other scene when they are being chased. It’s a fact that even fat people can move quite quickly and agilely when they want to.

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