Wearing a Collar

Kinksters have created their own rituals just like the more vanilla amongst us. Those include many among the BDSM scene, where ritual is a big part of their lives — after all, while dominance and submission are a game or sorts, and a form of foreplay, they are also a way to create order in to people’s lives. Symbolism is so important to humans, after all. One crucial symbol of a kinky relationship may in some cases be the wearing of a collar given by another, but this can vary dramatically from person to person.

For some the wearing of collars may be very casual. It can be simply a fashionable affectation for some. Others may wear them simply for the purpose of play. When one sees them worn in a porn, it is likely that the one wearing them is doing it simply as a submission of submission and perhaps also a method of restraint or control for the duration of the adult video. Many people in the real world wear them in a similar fashion, wearing them for the duration of a kinky party or other short term event to signify their role with another person or sometimes their availability to be used by others.

However in many parts of the traditional leather scene and elsewhere in kink, a collar can have great significance when given to another person as a symbol of their relationship. Some people even posit that there are three different kinds of collar. The first is a symbol that they are being considered for a serious kink relationship with the person who will be their dominant or master. The second collar is known as a training collar, showing they have made it through the consideration period and are actively involved. Finally comes the slave collar or the collar of ownership. This collar symbolizes a commitment that is similar to marriage in its seriousness to those involved.

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