Talking Dirty During Sex

There is more than just touch and fucking when it comes to sex. There is a mental component as well which is extremely crucial and it often comes out in our use of words. We use words to woo and flirt with the people we want, or to make us look more attractive on adult dating sites. But one way some people like to use their words is in the bedroom when fucking a lover. We want to hear raunchy and sexy things which turn us off, but we also might worry about saying the wrong thing and being a turn off.

When one is talking dirty to a lover, it never hurts to talk about what one is experiencing. Taking the realm of sensations and turning them into words spoken between two lovers in a most passionate moment is a very sexy thing. We can see this in action and maybe even get pointers and ideas of what to say when watching free porn movies. We like the idea that others will find what we say hot. In these films, one often sees them describing things like how wet or hard a body part is, or how sexy their lover looks. It’s almost always a good idea to give positive reinforcement, or in other words to urge our lover on, spurring them to more, harder, faster fucking.

One is entering a risky but also potentially fun realm when one tries out other forms of dirty talk involving role play or the like. Some people love being called filthy words or engaging in all kinds of alternate identities in the bedroom, from teacher and student to dirty incest fantasies only seen in the raunchiest of adult videos. But it is wise to know ahead of time if the person we are sharing these fantasies with is also into this kind of thing. When in doubt rely on descriptive talk.

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