Candle Wax and Sensation Sex

Much of sex is the sensations we feel. We enjoy the warmth of a woman’s pussy wrapped around some body part, the heat of a woman’s mouth and so on. Sometimes people play with sensation in the bedroom more deliberately than this by playing with temperatures in interesting ways. Some of us may have experimented with the use of ice cubes or spray bottles on a hot day to make nakedness more fun or bearable. We can play with this kind of thing easily and with a lot of fun.

For some people we might want to experiment with hotter sensations too. Candle wax has been an interesting addition to many an uninhibited and free sex life. If one looks online one may be able to find instructional adult videos on how to do this safely and in fun ways. Candle wax can be a lot of fun, but wax play can also turn out to be dangerous if done unsafely. Some candles are just too hot for safe use on the skin. Make no mistake about it, wax which is heated up to too high a temperature can cause serious burns before it hardens. In general, white candles are the best option for this kind of play. Often soy candles are a good choice as they burn at a much lower temperature than other kinds of wax.

Even better, some sextoy companies are starting to offer massage candles which are specifically designed to be lit and then have the warm wax poured and rubbed into another person’s skin. These tend to melt in more of an oily fashion than other more conventional candles, but they are designed to be used on the human body and therefore should be somewhat safer.

However even with one of these candles its important to test first. Try pouring it on one’s own arm from a great height and then dripping lower and lower until one finds the optimal height.

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