It’s Not A Competition

There are plenty of women who go absolutely bug house crazy at the thought of their spouses or significant others checking out the Adult video selections that are available on the world wide web, but really there is very little possibility of a real threat from any of these sources of adult entertainment out there in cyber space.

We have all met and spoken to women who would pretty much immediately file for divorce or become homicidal maniacs if they ever thought that their husbands were surfing for porn on the world wide web, or even reading a questionable popular magazine featuring naked people. They believe that if their husbands were to enjoy some adult entertainment, that it would be a direct insult to them and a comparison based on the state of things at home. Many women believe that porn magazines and sex tapes objectify women and anyone who enjoys them needs many hours of extensive therapy. If ever there was a time to lighten up, this would be it.

Most men view pornography and adult entertainment as just as fun distractions from the pressures of everyday life, and they in no way compare the women on the screen to their wives or girlfriends whom they most like love dearly and deeply. They do not expect nor would they want their spouses or significant others to look or behave like porn stars. Yes, men sometimes objectify women, but then women also sometimes objectify men. It is human nature to react to people that are attractive, and all it really means is that you are alive and that you have an operational pulse, not that you are an incorrigible sex offender in the making roving around loose on the streets.

Most things in this life are made better by just relaxing and lightening up, and enjoying all of the adult entertainment options on the web is certainly one of them.

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