Just Like Tila

Sex tapes have become the new way for girls to get attention. Using their cell phones a barely 18 year old can shoot a video of herself kissing another girl or even masturbating and send it off to all her friends. It is easy for it to go viral and may even hit the internet where some outraged group will make an issue of the video calling it porn and calling for stricter laws to govern wifi, cell phones and the internet. Most celebrities have leaked out their personal sex film but few have connected with anyone but the male audience over 18.

Tila Tequila although in her 30’s has a connection with the teenagers today. They all want that I want to be famous and fuck all day and night, just party no responsibility thing as a mindset. The 2nd Tila Tequila sex video is an example of the no responsibility mindset. The one time shame on you video of Tila and former boyfriend may have been an accident but the 2nd video with Tila and adult entertainment porn star was hardly an accident and is rumored to have been made to get her back into the public eye. Well really shame on her. But the Tila Army does not see it that way.

Thousands of young women, men and tranny wannabes follow the Asian petite beauty. Creating videos, friending her and attending any gathering where she may be. She is an icon for their generation. Straight men and lesbian women also follow her and her groupies because the sex is free and flowing. And sometimes the residual fame is catching. Some say it is the haters that are jealous of her ability to be in the spotlight that hinders Ms Tilas ability to find love. But Tila still is hopeful, especially flaunting new sex interest Nick Hogan. Her fans are hoping this is the one. Romantic dreams like this give each of them personally the hope that they will find fame and love too. But that is about as possible as gossip columnist believing that this isn’tt another attempt to keep the Tila brand in the spotlight.

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