Sasha Forms An Entourage Around Her

Does art imitate life or is it the other way around? For someone like Sasha Grey, she probably gets it a little bit off both ways, very much like double penetration scenes seen often in porn movies, just like the one’s she used to making!

Landing the role as Vince’s girlfriend on Entourage last season her very presence was a scripted cause of worry for the fictional buddies of the show’s star, and one has to wonder, how often this worry occurs and how hard it is for any porn star to make the cross-over into mainstream movies. Their career steps are probably not even as difficult as the caution they need display in their personal lives when they begin to make the move.

Sasha Grey is certainly not the only porn star to attempt the transition into mainstream, but she is one of the few that seems to be making a rather healthy go of it. Sure, a high profile show like Entourage helps, but there is playing herself, in other movies she has played a part-albeit a call girl more often than not-but still she is showing her acting range and setting herself into a path of working in the mainstream world which might, over time, never see her shedding her clothes again. While a more lucrative future might await the young actress, is it also unnerving as well to leave the comfort of one world where you were once a star to go to another where you might never be?

One wonders if the fiction scripted trouble she gets into on Entourage; a mainstream actor’s friend’s believing she is a bad influence on their golden-boy cash cow, writers and casting directors recognizing her from films she’d rather not admit to, offers too lucrative to pass-up from porn makers, the overall consensus that she is the bad girl she portrays too often in porn, dog her heels Sasha in her attempts to make her crossover.

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