How To Know It’s Too Much

While it is a different level of saturation for each man or woman, there does come a time when we might be getting a little too much of our free porn movies. Certainly these days it is easy to see all the porn we want and more or less for free, but does there come a time when a little is too much? A subjective qualitative consideration needs to be set for each of us individually but there are certain signs we can certainly all be mindful of that might indicate we are getting too much free porn movies.

1.) We watch our free porn movies all the time, no matter the time or place. Certainly no boss wants to come upon you downloading porn at your desk P.C. and watching a dirty movie on your PDA while you sit on the crowded subway probably doesn’t make for the most optimum, private viewing.

2.) We want our current sex life to mirror the free movies we see. To even think of placing a lover in the various positions you see porn stars execute or wanting your guy or girl to be as trim, bleached and coiffed as the men and women you spy populating your favorite free porn might really be a little too much to ask! Most women do not sport breasts that perky unless they are enhanced, and while yes, some men do indeed have 9-inch cocks, do you really want to feel such roggering every night?

3.) You’d rather watch porn. There’s nothing wrong with fantasy, nothing wrong with masturbation, nothing wrong even with introducing a naughty video into your bedroom play, but when watching porn replaces your sex life, when your partner begins to complain that you spend more time glued to your P.C. screen then huffing and puffing next to them, when you can maintain longer and better arousal and afterwards a deeper orgasm watching a movie then being with a partner, you might be watching too much porn, need a new partner or need to be alone.

Porn can be fun, it can be a fun addition into a couples’ sex play and it can be great for masturbatory fantasy, but free porn movies should not replace the pursuit or execution of good old fashioned fucking…even though the movies are free.

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