Why Sex Education

A surgeon general of the United States once caused a major sex scandal simply by suggesting that we should honestly teach our children about masturbation as an outlet for urges which might lead otherwise to unsafe sex, or even just fucking which they were mentally unprepared for when the same hunger could be fixed with just a little wank session. A perfectly fine suggestion, we think, but instead she found herself fired within days. Things have not gotten any better since then. Rarely do our schools teach anything but absolute abstinence as the only answer, ignoring the raging hormones which the people they are teaching are suffering from or soon will be experiencing depending on how young they start. These poor students learn nothing except to try to repress their natural urges, a struggle that is always doomed to failure.

Unfortunately this often means that our children learn everything about the bedroom arts and what it means from porn, as well as rumors that students share with each other and other sources of inaccuracy. While kids will inevitably see adult video no matter how hard parents work to prevent it, it probably is not very harmful at the same time. but it is important for a parent to be able to talk openly about sexuality with their kids or for them to be able to get accurate information from some other source. This allows them to put the pornography in its proper context as a fantasy out let, not a guide book to proper fucking!

In an ideal world, our children would come out of school educated about the realities of human sexuality, that is not just the mechanics of how pregnancy is made but actually how people fuck, what they enjoy and why. Imagine how much happier we would be if, for example, we taught every man to please a woman by knowing how to find her clitoris?

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