Making better sex videos

There is something exciting about making and releasing your own sex videos. It’s not just the celebrities, hoping to get a publicity boost from their own personal sex scandal who are doing this today. Now more and more people are releasing their own erotic videos for the enjoyment of others. This is sometimes done for profit, with all kinds of amateurs hosting their own websites or shows on erotic webcam chat websites. But there’s also just the pure exhibitionistic thrill of being with someone and then sharing it with the world.

But with so many people making their own amateur porn today how do you rise above as the cream to the top? There’s always going to be other people fucking on camera, so it helps to get noticed. Notice that this doesn’t mean one has to have an absolutely perfect body. To the contrary many people enjoy the realism of the people and actions they see in a sex video. The first thing to do is consider the quality of the setting. Make sure it is well lit. Do not film or photograph in a room full of dirty laundry or other clutter if it can be helped. Though we may be used to the presence of our pets during fucking, it is a good idea to send them out of the room for making amateur movies. Likewise choose a deliberate sound track rather than the background blaring of a TV which happens to be on.

When people make their own adult video it can take a few different forms. Some couples may even choose to script the film, creating playful dialogue and planning out what they will be doing on camera, imagining a fun fantasy scenario they can relive later. But most people’s films are more realistic flow of lovemaking, showing people fucking as they normally would but with the enthusiasm of knowing they are watched.

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