Chasing Tail

The porn watcher can be counted on to watch porn on his or her P.C., PDA, T.V. from DVD’s or if they are decidedly old school, maybe even off of sex videos or 8 millimeter reel-to-reels. Even the most causal porn audience member will find all manner and way to watch what they want when they want and seek out those specific movies or porn stars that truly do it for them.

They are decidedly chasing tail.

Then there this the dirty movie studio, not only trying to produce this fare on a regular basis to feed that rabid fan base but to do it in such a way that new technologies is a help and not a hindrance. Every porn maker, even website owners, know that their content can be pirated easily these days and that people are watching all that porn they want to watch for free in many cases.

The movie makers are chasing the tail of the almighty dwindling dollar spinning out of their grasp at every turn.

Porn is in a constantly evolving state as much as with its content as with how that content is disseminated to the masses that used to pay for it. For the porn producer it’s very much a damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don’t state of being. They must display and advertise their movies online to reach their audience but at the same time online is what is cutting into their profits more than any other medium. For the audience, all the technology makes porn ever easier to get and creates an almost lazy attitude to having to even consider buying porn these days.

But consumer and producer do come together and take a breather from the chase when the porn company creates a DVD that is so unique and high in quality that they only advertise online and consumers buy it knowing they are getting something special they’ll never be able to really download for free.

Maybe, in the end, all the chasing proves worth it for all.

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