But We Don’t Want Them Real

We all like celebrity. We all either try to emulate, are envious of or at least turn our heads when someone of some sort of popular stature walks by. And while it is true culture is a bit obsessed with the popular movers and shakers of the world, it’s just human nature to be attracted or at least interested-even just to scorn them-people who have attained a certain popularity in a profession or have acquired wealth.

We do not want these exulted people to be like us, we know they are, but the dream of celebrity is that they fulfill our dreams of living in mansions, spending lavish funds, living a lifestyle we only dream of. And when it comes to what we want in our porn stars the more unlike us they are the better.

Those well hung men with the super-muscled bodies who can simply keep fucking, those beautiful women who can take anything-especially those well-hung men-in any orifice and keep wanting more, we want these sex super heroes in our porn, the other-worldly perfectly tones sexual animals to show us what we are missing- and maybe how to get it-in our own sex lives. Porn stars are our athletes, beautiful people, popular celebs of the sex world and we need them to be better, bigger, brighter, more tanned and more skilled then us so we can enjoy what they do.

Sure amateur porn certainly has its place for a certain audience that gets aroused by the seeming naughty doings of their neighbors, but for the most part what porn movie watchers want are wanton women with bleached anuses and huge fake breasts, ridiculously hung guys who can plow a woman-or a man-without exhaustion and couples, threesomes, even orgies filled with the beautiful people we have come to expect in our porn stars.

We watch dirty movies as much to get aroused, maybe learn a position or two as we do to enjoy porn stars who are not like us enjoying a life we will never attain.

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