Together Yet Apart

Once rent asunder can a couple really come back together? It’s said the second a romantic couple agree to therapy for whatever their problems are, their future stands a 50/50 chance of surviving as they begin to uncover the real meat and potatoes of their issues.

It’s no wonder that half the marriages end in divorce.

But are there other, simpler ways to keep a marriage, a long-term romance, even gay boyfriend/boyfriend, lesbian relationships together? Might the very thing that is often seen as the route of so many couple’s problems be the thing, when tempered and used consensually, to bring people back into warmth of their intimacy?

Can adult video help?

While it is certainly true that good sex does not make a full lasing relationship, it does help if the two people who are making a go at some long-term monogamous romance can meet on some common sexual ground from time to time. It’s not always necessarily that each partner gets-off in the same way, from the same things and not every fantasy one has will be met in one’s lifetime, or at least from one’s current partner. But a little meeting of the minds sexually does a better relationship make.

An adult video can bring this all about. A couple can share some time in bed viewing their favorite movies, present titles to one another, discuss what they like and why, what they might have an interest in viewing-with their partner-in the future, what repels or scared them. As a fun diversion, marital aid and communication tool, adult video really can help a couple as much as any therapy ever could.

And God knows, watching an adult video is a hell of a lot cheaper!

Too many times one partner will explore adult fare solo, thinking they need to hide their viewing from their mate, boyfriend or girlfriend. But so many couples would be surprised what a shared viewing an adult video can bring about and how much better it feels to have as much of our sexual feels as out in the open as we can.

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