Here It Be

What critics of free sex will never understand is that sites, parties, clubs and people who look for and provide free sex will never leave our society and will morph, find and exploit whatever medium happens to be popular at the moment of where we glean our information or social encounters from. Facebook will not be free of free sex anymore then our cell phones will be. Our populace has always been after fucking as cheaply as we can, with one another, with strangers or long-term partners and we will not be soon stopping our looking.

Yes, it could be argued we have a little too much access these days to free sex, but that is a moot point seeing as we do have access and will continue to have it. It’s cart-before-the-horse thinking that we can police sex sites at this point, stop porn and personals searches all in the name of tempering our desire for free sex. We shan’t halt our need for one another, whether through mutual masturbation of chat-room cybering or dancing at clubs.

Just look at the depiction of skin, sex and all manner of salacious material on line. Do sites seem to be getting tamer? So many places show porn, set-up personas and profiles for hookups, facilitate casual meets as much as long-term relationships we sense the only change in the sexual landscape is that things are getting hotter the longer we can stay indoors and have at one another in the privacy of our own homes. And yes, we might be staying online longer to masturbate, more than we are ever going out and about dating and fucking for real, but free sex is not soon turning to pay sex nor are we doing less of it!

Does all this heat hurt us? Are we learning how to be more intimate and better at it when we are? Or is all this free sex simply the way it is, the way it will be for the foreseeable future and as always we are just rising to the level of what the tide demands; floating no better or worse then before?

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