Superpowers and Free sex

When people imagine themselves with superpowers it’s always quite interesting how many of them could be used to get Free sex with others. One of the more popular is x ray vision and the ability to see through walls, particularly those with pussy on the other end. Then there are the powers that in and of themselves aren’t necessarily Free sex related, but are quite obviously corrupted for that purpose, like flying. It would be easy to get some cock or what not with the ability to fly, or with amazing strength. It’s largely the result of great imagination’s and an enduring lack of morality.

Power corrupts, and regardless of how good a person may want to be it would indeed be a superhuman feat in and of itself to resist using those powers for personal gain. That’s probably the reason why people don’t have superhuman powers in real life. The world wouldn’t have any hero’s, as everyone would be villainous scoundrels peeking through walls at naked women, and treating themselves to weak kneed women waiting for a personal flight over the city scape. Then there is the wealth. Few would be able to resist the siren song of free money as well as the sex. If they could do something that would allow them the ability to get the money without being found out they would for all intents and purposes be sunk. They wouldn’t stand a chance. While it’s true there might be a lot of good done, there would certainly be a lot of deeds, less than good, done and done probably a lot more.

It’s a sad truth that whatever powers may be that rule over everyone, they are smart enough not to allow superhuman abilities to fall into the hands of the weak willed. People will proclaim all day long the length lists of good deeds they would do, but they would virtually all to a man, be left in the dust compared to the deeds done dirty, that would be committed as well, and worse still, all in the name of good.

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