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We happen to live in a super connected and technologically advanced society where anything we want to see or learn about is available to us in a matter of seconds. We can find more Free Porn and adult dating website listing in ten seconds than we would ever realistically have time to really explore. Technology is amazing, yes, but let’s not forget about some of the old basics that have made dating and sex so intriguing and interesting over the years.

Even if you are just looking for a hot guy for a quick little hookup on a dull boring Wednesday night, when you go onto any one of the various websites to find him it is best to be just as charming as possible. Part of the fun of any interaction whether it is to be sexual or not, is the banter, the build-up and the flirting.

A good bout of witty banter can go far in getting everyone’s juices flowing in all the right directions and temperatures. It heightens our senses, gets us excited, and stimulates that capricious organ when sexual attraction normally comes from, i.e. the grey matter of the hot little brain. If you skip the banter, you are skipping one of the building blocks of super hot sex, and you risk losing some of the intensity that you desire.

Although at first thought, flirting seems like something that may have gone out of style with the horse, the carriage and the speak easy, this is definitely not the case at all. There is nothing more sexually arousing than some over the top flirting done properly and with lascivious insidious intent to get everyone warmed up and crazy before any clothes even start to come off.

So yes, get laid, have fun, but don’t forget to be charming, flirtatious and clever and you will end up with an even hotter encounter than you imagined possible.

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