The Sexiest Body Parts Ever

And they are not what you think they are, either. No matter how much we tend to love peoples various genitalia and obvious body parts like the back, the ass, or the legs, all sexual attraction comes to us for a delicious visit primarily through the ears and the brain. That’s right, all of the most sexual organs for everyone, the Gays, the straights, the lesbians, the bisexuals, the transgendered, are located above the nose.

We all love sex, and why wouldn’t we? It’s fun, it feels good, and it is crazy exciting if done with feeling. Sexual arousal though, does not always come from where you think it does; that is just where it ends up.

There is nothing more sexy than a good listener. I don’t mean someone who pretends to be listening, feigns looking interested, and grunts or shakes their head at the appropriate times, either. I mean someone who is truly listening to us and not only processing what we say, but letting us finish before they comment. One of the nicest and most romantic things we can do for someone is put all of our own bullshit out of our heads for a few moments and just really listen to them and let them show us who they really are. A good conversation always gets things hot, or wet, or hard.

Sexual attraction really and truly does occur mostly in our little grey horny brains. It is our brains that tell our sex organs to start tingling and start working their magical transformation for the upcoming sex act. We all know that if someone says something to us that revolts or disgusts us, any slight hard on we may have happened to have will fall by the way side and droop like a sunflower at the end of the season.

The next time you want to bed someone, play to their ears and their brains, and you will soon be meeting up with their other nice body parts.

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