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These days when one happens to be a celebrity, or even someone just slightly more well known than the rest of us, they all run the risk of ending up on the Internet starring in a sex tape in the Free porn department whether it is intentional or not.

Many young children aspire to be movie stars, television stars, or celebrities of some sort or another. They practice and practice, entertaining their family and friends with their dancing, their singing, and their comedy routines and impromptu plays put on in the family living room. A lot of children join their drama clubs in elementary and high school and try to work on their skills so that one day they can hopefully get onto a commercial or a soap opera and attempt to make their big break into the fabulous world of show business.

Why is it then that almost every celebrity you think of seems to have a sex tape? One might think that it would be more important for celebrities to be careful not to record their sexual escapades when they know that there are many people lurking around them that would just love the opportunity to grab the tape and release it and make a ton of money very quickly. Some celebrities, for sure, will release the tapes themselves whether they admit it or not, because we all know that any press at all is always good press. They would rather have their name in the news for a sex tape that not at all. They may feign outrage and upset, but some of them will have calculated their actions and the public reactions before turning on the old camcorder.

The good news for us is that whether it is Chelsea Handler, or any other celebrity, we can most probably easily find a sex tape or two on the Internet that they are currently starring in to rave reviews.

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