Is there anything new?

Thanks to the Internet we have unprecedented access to porn. This is new, the ease with which any of us can dial up an erotic image or sex video and watch others fucking. But is this a horrible new aberration,changing human behavior forever? Or is it a way of responding to our natural inclinations, an expression of our very evolution towards being sexual beings? Some scientists now claim that humans may be the most sexual beings on earth, spending more time dwelling on the topic, thinking about fucking, having it, and planning to have it than any other animal.

Perhaps cave paintings and early statues represent some of the first free porn. But its important to consider that our attitudes toward sex are new ones, especially when concerning issues like privacy. In the period in which we evolved, we were likely neither monogamous nor concerned with issues like who was watching. In fact the reason that men and women are turned on by the sight of other people fucking is probably because our evolution encourages it. The sound of a woman orgasming is meant to turn on others around her, the men and women who hear it and may even take turns having sex with her in some theories. The reason we watch porn films today is because we evolved to watch other members of our band or tribe having sex and be encouraged to do it together. This would create more offspring and pass on more, fitter children in the next generation.

It stands to reason that other sexual activities are very old too. Though they appear in x-rated movies and bedrooms today, dildos have been around as long as we could shape something like a cock and shove it into our hungry holes. Look for sex toys in museums mislabeled as everything from tent pegs to religious idols. It should be clear what they were really used for.

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