Anal Sex Fun

People who enjoy anal sex come from all walks of life. Even straight men can enjoy anal play as contrary to the belief of some confused or closed minded people, it does not actually mean someone is gay. All men have a prostate gland in their asshole which is extremely pleasurable when it is stimulated in any way. When a woman is doing the stimulating to a man, this is by definition a straight sexual act and they are not gay no matter what. Everyone should feel free to explore this type of sexual delight in order to feel they have lived a full and free sex life. Even though women do not have a prostate they still have many nerve endings in this area and can find it very pleasurable, even orgasmic especially when combined with clitoral stimulation. Anal fucking has become so popular it has even begun to appear in some celebrity sex tape situations.

The most important thing when it comes to anal play is to go slow and not rush into things. Many people are eager to get right to penis in asshole style anal fucking but this is often too much, too soon for people who are very new to this kind of play. Men can enjoy sliding their cocks along a slippery lubricated ass, with the cheeks wrapped around them. An asshole enjoys lots of foreplay, with fingers moving around the outside and gently penetrating. The use of anal toys is also a fun addition to any kind of bedroom play. Anal plugs are a pleasing and naughty sensation to many people who enjoy wearing them during other kinds of sexual activities, or even secretly worn under clothing while out in the world or doing house hold chores. Some anal toys allow vibrations when a vibrating egg is inserted into them. Just be sure to always use lots of lubricant and only toys with a flared base.

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