Some people would say the net has revolutionized the adult video industry, while others-mainly the people who make those videos-would say the web has sounded the death knell for porn. It is a matter of perspective of course but one thing is for certainā€¦adult video watching, buying and creating is different now and changing all the time because of the web.

Audiences are benefitting from so much stuff and all that stuff that being gleaned off the net for free. But will the industry just up and die because no one pays for porn anymore? The changes in the digital world come so fast and furious can any product or service really survive if its consumer can simply have access to it, for free, as much as he or she wants?

Porn went from those specific movie theaters and personal 8-millimeter films, to video cassettes to now adult video being shown onlineā€¦and for free. Never before though has a medium affected a product as much as the web does and dictate such a quick slicing of profit. As we grow an innate sense of boredom because of the speed with which we can acquire just about anything we want and as we grow to view all art-music, as well as visual downloads-as existing in the free ether of cyberspace, adult video just might die.

But sexuality will continue to blossom, and maybe even further and father because of the net. We have a constant way to expose ourselves to more and more visual stimuli and one another. We can experiment with making adult video now, as more people are open to amateur attempts at a media that can be so easily created. All the free access leads to freedom in some ways, maybe the destruction of one business but possibly the creation of others.

Only time can tell where adult video is headed and if we will all follow. One thing is for sure, there is no stopping technology.

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