Whips and Chains

Perhaps we have watched with lustful imagination and hunger as we saw a porn star get whipped or flogged in a favorite adult video. Did we imagine ourselves tied down or bent over, on the receiving end of that wicked implement of pleasurable pain? Or in our minds was it us with the wicked toy in our hands, lashing the skin of our lover into bright red welts? Whatever the case, this does not need to remain in fantasy alone. Its popularity in sex videos is because it also popular in the fantasies of many and the bedrooms of some. Learning about different kinds of whips is the first step to adding them to our exciting and free sex lives.

Some people think of Westerns when they think of whips, so they imagine the lash of the bull whip in the opening of Rawhide or as a prop in many other movies and shows. However, though some in the fetish scene have learned to use these exciting implements they are not for the inexperienced. Without sometimes years of practice they can not safely be wielded without posing a serious danger to both the top and the bottom in the would be whipping scene. Though one might seek out instruction in this rarefied art it is best left to the experts.

Other kinds of whips require practice but are more accessible. The easiest impact toy to learn is something like a crop, which while painful and possible to misuse is easy to learn. A flogger, a short whip with a handful up to dozens of tails is another popular toy. It requires some more practice and technique to use properly but is still accessible to most people willing to take the time to learn. Floggers come in a variety of material from plastic like on koosh balls to the finest leather. There are even floggers made from metal like ball chains but these are more commonly used for electrical play than actual impact.

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