When you finally have a chance at a sexual relationship, regardless if it is a one night stand or something that could turn permanent, remember that honesty really is the best policy. This is especially true for women. You’ll experience better Sex when your honest about what you like. If you like having oral sex but cant stand having the guy hold your head during the act, then let your partner know. Don’t waste time trying to pretend you like something you don’t just to avoid an awkward conversation. You aren’t likely to enjoy the act and he wont understand why.

Communication is the key to having the good Sex. Things may not always turn out the way you ideally would like them to but when you and your partner are honestly trying to please one another then you’ll eventually learn. If you have a partner for any length of time then in that time you’ll find that the fantasy you imaged being hot and wonderful doesn’t live up to the reality of the thing. It just isn’t what you thought it would be. For example you might have some interest in anal sex or using sex toys but find out that the real deal isn’t as exciting as having his cock inside your pussy, so tell him.

It might be a matter of technique or a decision to move on tot other more tried and true pleasures.. Sometimes it can be hard to talk about what you like but at least be honest about that much and if you’ve chosen a decent partner then they will likely be patient with you and things will work out just the same. If you don’t have partner that will listen and accept that certain things turn you off it is time to break off that relationship. That may be the hardest conversation to have but the most necessary one. Life is too short to settle for bad sex and a disrespectful partner. Don’t waste time with anything less.

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