Sex Videos 2021

As we see with the advent of digital technologies and the delivery of information, all our media is affected, in not only how we view and hear it, but what the content is. We no longer have the attention spans to enjoy long camera shots; no one has time for an entire albums’ side of songs from a music artist; and with the sex videos we watch, usually across our P.C. screens, the fact that we can get what we want when we want it-and many times, again, for free-dictates the porn that is produced, or at the very least how it is thrown out there to the world.

All this evolution begs the question then, where will our sex videos be in the future? What will they look like? Will we even care about sex videos?

It would be hard to imagine any future time where men and women aren’t interested in the visual portrayal of sex. No matter when it seems we will always have some sort of porn to watch. Where we watch it-or how-and what the visual contains, is hard to speculate on as we have certainly grown in our need for more gonzo and XXX fare over the years, but pretty much dirty movies will continue to exist in our future.

But again, the medium affects the message. We might have portal devices even more adaptable then what we have now. Maybe not of the postulated chip-implanted-into-the-head variety, but certainly we will still be enjoying a portable connection to the world around us and most likely, as we now enjoy with Twitter and its ilk now, we will want ever-more interaction with that world. Virtual reality porn is already making itself known, might we simply get better at it in the future and walk around interacting all day long?

Then again there is the Luddite backlash we already see from some corners of the globe. Might there be a split down the middle between those who take to the digital world and those who rail against it, in our foreseeable future?

Either way, sex videos will always have their place.

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