What Passes

Way back when free porn movies could be gobbled up by kids trading 8-millemeter copies of dirty films occasionally fun could be had getting hold of a dirty movie that was given a once over for some interesting treatments. To see a rough copy of something that was once shown on a big screen, right there in the privacy of a backyard make-shift bed sheet screen or a collage dorm showing, one could really see all the bad porn imperfections that were sold to the masses.

These days if an old film survives at all, one can fast forward to rewind, pause and even in some cases blow-up those naughty images of old. The soundtracks alone are a hoot, but really there were a lot of attempts at close-up trickery that either don’t pass muster or look so fake these days to even the untrained eye.

Surely though special effect low-rent trickery is still being perpetrated on the porn public. For instance the amount of Pina Colada mix that is used to represent male ejaculate, thrown at various woman’s faces and breasts is legendary in porn circles and God only knows how much Viagra is being used on a porn set.

If one were to ever come across those mid 70’s porn movie attempts at 3D or even bad scifi, to view these films on your P.C. these days would leave you howling with laughter, To be sure most great effects in their day do not pass the test of time now, but with the free porn we watch it is even worse as effects, soundtracks, even dialogue was always and will still always be, the very last concern when someone was making a stroke flick. We should all just be lucky to catch what we can of the old stuff, be happy we have progressed to a point where at least most the effects are not so noticeable and that by the time our free porn currently becomes older we might be on to bigger and better things.

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