Clips, clips and more clips

It’s a simple fact of life that the more we are given the much more we’ll want. The net sees to this axiom ever day as more product and services are spun online for free or pirated, we can have pretty much whatever we had to pay for six months ago all but for free now and almost every business with an online presence-which is almost all businesses-is looking how to monetize what they offer above and beyond what they offer.

No other business has been turned up on itself this way as much as the dirty movie business. Pornographers are running for cover as much as they are running to expose more of what they do online and in doing so we all benefit from porn clips, clips and more clips. Adult video is rampant on the net and as such so are the clips of so many adult video releases one would think that the clips are the movies themselves. There are actual websites that thrive on clip viewing, but where no viewer really pays to view them! In a world where our attention span is just about exhausted by the 10 to 2o seconds it takes to watch a clip, we are given more of the things because makers of adult video know clips are about all we can stand.

Sure the clip is made to entice a viewer to go find the movie, but there is also a train of thought that the viewer might only ever watch the clip, roll his or her mouse to rewind the clip a few times, masturbate then move on. And if this is the case-and it is clearly the case on websites that only ever feature clips-then clip viewing becomes the primary experience that website offers. And if there was ever the case of a child killing its parent one could imagine what all this clip viewing might be doing…and we’re not stopping watching these clips any time soon!

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