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Masturbation is probably a very natural human behavior. We can even find it in primates who enjoy free sex almost as much as us, and what after all is more free than our own hand, fingers alone or holding a favorite lubricated sex toy? When we are with a lover it is also an incredibly intimate ritual to share our self pleasure with each other. We see a special intimacy which is usually never shared with anyone at all. That is one reason that it is so popular in porn. Also, when we watch normal films of two people fucking we may be turned off by the other, but when watching others masturbate we can imagine they are just there for us, showing off, or getting ready to be with us.

Solo sex videos let us imagine a lonely lover home alone and waiting for us to get home, imagining what we’d be doing if they were there. Perhaps he or she is enjoying a favorite dildo or anal toy and we walk in on them, and they beckon us over with lusty eyes to join in and fill up another eager hole, or take the place of the toy. Masturbation flicks are sure to get our imagination working in over time. Some porn stars have even begun to specialize in this kind of thing. Some of them have nifty tricks like female ejaculation, which is when a girl squirts a lot of clear fluid when she is orgasming, and it can be very exciting to imagine watching this or feeling this all over our hot flushed skin. Some women make it a specialty to put on cam girl shows, which is where they show off with their bodies, they fingers and rubbing hands, or using favorite dildos and vibrators for the viewers. Often one can even hire them for private showings, where they will perform all for one’s enjoyment, doing whatever one asks of their bodies and even engaging in simple role play if desired.

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