While there will always be a fierce debate on the subject one thing is indisputable. The availability of Porn has undoubtedly helped along America’s moral bankruptcy. While it is true that there will always be a market for it and people will buy it it doesn’t help matters when the market is practically flooded with it. In any society there should be a balance between the two extremes of common place availability and discrimination and censorship. The best way to deal with the issue then is probably to simply keep it in the dark. Keep it in the closet and while you aren’t totally censoring it or it’s availability you aren’t exactly splashing it in everyone’s face either.

This would seem to be a common sense compromise that should satisfy everyone. Unfortunately it isn’t and it’s become all to unfortunate that America is now paying the price. America and it’s tradition of values is under attack and Porn is just one of the weapons being used to help destroy and dismantle what was once a glorious leader in the world. Given just a few more decades and America will have fallen so far behind they will find third world countries ahead of them. It’s no secret that the culprit behind it all is a defined group of people called liberals. They are the nemesis of everything that is good and wholesome. They take things like sex and bring it out of the shadows where it belongs and they force it and it’s corrupting influence on everyone and giving no one a chance to decide for themselves what they believe is right and proper and they do it all under the guise of freedom. Everyone should be free to deal with adult movies and the related material as they see fit to a degree. But they shouldn’t force it on others. That very freedom that good men died for is now being brutally and shamelessly abused to tear down the very system those good men fought for and served to protect. Unless this trend is stopped in it’s tracks and it’s agenda reversed then there is indeed no hope for America as the greatest Nation on earth.

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