The whole idea of adult videos is to simply watch people having sex and the quality of the acting is ignored because people have come to expect that porn is not acting it is fucking on cue. This can be seen in any Porn flick that you watch. The dialog is as stiff as the male leads cock. Ron Jeremy can deliver a comedic line and can play a bastard well but he knows that when it comes to making the money he better pull it out, it better be hard, and he better stay that way until the scene is done.

Just because of the shear numbers a few of these porn starlets that made their way sucking cock actually broke into mainstream Hollywood, leaving the adult sex videos behind. But the percentage of those is dismally small in comparison with the young women that come out looking for instant fame and money and get involved in the business. Most of these women that do break away never go anywhere with their career, the porn rep haunts them like it haunted Betty Paige, and at best they may get a bit part in a b rated movie. This reflects stereotype image of the talent required to be in porn and shows the necessity for some background in acting. It is true that there are a few gems in the rough that can act without any real schooling but to make it as a professional still requires some measure of career education.

This then would indicate that the term actor in regards to the porn industry is largely a misnomer and doesn’t apply to any actual acting skill in the traditional sense. For many the fuck scenes are just interruptions lunch or break for the day. The end result is that while they are acting in some sense they are certainly not acting in the traditional one and so the title of actor or actress is given with some contempt or hesitancy.

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