The Cat’s Pajamas

When we want to describe something that is really amazingly fabulously swell, we sometimes say that it is the cat’s pajamas, and what a cute little image that is. When it comes to searching for sites devoted to hot Sex or free porn, we know without question that the cat’s pajamas in that case is the world wide web of feline fun.

Really and truly, the image of a little fuzzy cat wearing their flannel pajamas is pretty damn cute, especially if you imagine their little furry tails sticking out of the back of their little kitty pj’s. As cute as that image may be though, the image of the female pussy with no pajamas encumbering it is an even cuter thought for most of us. While we all agree that kittens and cats can be ridiculously cute, most of us want to curl up at night with the human version of some pussy, rather than the feline equivalent of the kittens with their mitten or their jamies, or whatever other cute accessories you can think of.

Well, when it comes time to try to meet that very special human being to have a nice chat with, to go out on a pleasant date with, to have a summer romance with, or to have a hot crazy and wild hookup with, the easiest place to do any of those things is obviously and without question always the world wide web. With so many fantastic web sites to choose from laid out before us, we begin to feel a bit like the cat’s pajamas ourselves; we can get whatever it is that we want, and we can get it quickly and easily too. If the first person doesn’t appreciate us for the cool cat that we are, the next little kitty surely will.

Let’s leave our pajamas at home today and go out there and cat around and have some fun.

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